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    That's not good Darren. I had visions of the same problem, not that the parts are worth much but trying to replace them would be a headache. They had every piece of trim from the roof so all handles, lining, sunroof shade and sun visors.

    Astra Dan has given me a recommendation so I will give them a call, I should have used them in the first place but they are a good 3 to 4 hour drive each way from me.


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      i still havent done my roof lining, the estate is also growing two spaniels ears near the rear tailgate too its nearly double the length of the hatch version


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        Ron is a good chap and has produced consistently good results.
        I need to get my GTE's done now, 'new' lining lasted about a year,


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          I have tried to speak to Ron, his number on his website, is this still his current number? It goes straight to voicemail?


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            You might have a PM


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              Its been a while.

              Had bad vibration through the steering wheel, had the tracking set and wheels balanced and all fine, two days later its back.
              On removing the front wheels I noticed the amount of stick on weights needed to balance the fronts and speaking to my mechanic he said about how difficult it was to balance them.
              At the moment I have all wheels off and they are with the mechanic so look at. I have the 5 on the car and including spare and a spare 5 of the Cav sri wheels, his task is to check them all, reject any buckled and damaged ones and find the best 4, I'll them get them refurbished.

              In doing all of this it got me thinking about alloys, I've been running the Cav SRi fanblades since '98. Not sure if I should stay with these, assuming I have 4 straight ones, or swap.

              This is how it looks now, I have always thought about champion, or expression wheels however I'm running Vectra V6 discs and calipers, the fanblades only just clear the calipers and I'm sure champion wheels don't fit but think expressions are bigger.

              The other I keep thinking about is the mk4 16" alloys:

              I also like these:
              but don't know where i'd find any or what the car would be like on 17s.

              Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


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                Nice car and nice story. I would keep the fan blades, as I think a 'closed' rim fits the mk2 Astra very well. Most of the original wheel options are designed like this.

                To me the fan blades you're running are quite exotic too and not as common as those other closed OEM wheel options like the Cavalier Turbo or the mk3 Astra GSi wheels ? although I do like both of those too. But hey, your car your choice. After 20 years anyone could understand the need for change