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1990 Kadett GSi replica

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    Nice work mate!


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      Cheers guys! It's getting there slowly but surely.

      I was keen to get power steering into it to make it a bit more usable so I decided to go with an Astra G electro-hydaulic set up. There was just enough room to mount it beside the radiator at the front.

      I removed the pump from its housing and modified the mounts to suit the Kadett crossmember.

      I made a spacer for one of the mounts and drilled a hole in the bottom of the crossmember to allow for the fitting of the nut to hold it in place.

      Then I was able to mount the pump assembly...

      It fits quiet nicely in there. The radiator is from a 1.4 Astra, so there's plenty of room for it in there. It seems to be well able to keep the engine cool too.

      I sourced a Calibra 16v steering rack with 3 turns lock to lock which makes the steering a bit sharper. You can see the original, non power assisted rack on the bottom...

      Next I had to get the high pressure hose made for it. I basically joined the high pressure hose from the rack to the high pressure hose from the pump with 1 meter of high pressure hydraulic hose.

      This is it in place...

      I got some 10sq flexible cable to run a 12v supply from the battery, through an 80A fuse mounted behind the drivers side headlamp. It has been working perfectly so far with only one minor issue when the fuse got disconnected and I lost the power sterring temporarily, but that has been sorted now.


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        I also fitted the 16" BBS' to it. I think they suit it really well.

        I've since fitted bilstein shocks and Eibach springs all round but I'm going to take the Eibachs out again as I don't like the ride height now. It's too high. I'm thinking of going with H&R 40mm springs instead or maybe keep the Eibachs in the front and use them with new spring seats to give them an extra 15mm drop and use the old GT Cupline rear springs as was in it in the pictures above.


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          Looking good Wilie.


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            Those wheels do it Wilie, make the car look special.
            I wouldn't change a dammed thing, your car is look looking good.....


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              Top job willie looks great the power steering has made a great improvement I'd say


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                Thats lovely!


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                  Good choice on the power steering, I couldn't believe the difference it made to mine, Good work,


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                    i like those wheels, are they from calibra DTM road car ?


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                      Cheers lads! The power steering is a great upgrade, especially with the Calibra rack with the shorter lock to lock.

                      I'm not sure if the wheels are actually from a DTM Calibra or a Golf Darren. I think they are Calibra ones though, because they seem to fit well on the centre of the hub. I would be expecting a bit more play from a set of VW rims.


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                        did you get to the bottom of the odometer problem ? i only just re-read it but it was 2 years ago !

                        stepper motor is driving from the gearbox trandsucer same as the LCD speedo. if you are lucky they stop working at the same time!