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[Brazil] Kadett SL/E C18NE

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  • [Brazil] Kadett SL/E C18NE

    Hey guys,

    My name is Hygor, i live in São Paulo - SP

    i have a GM Kadett 1993, model SL/E - C18NE - EFI

    My future plans is GSI Style and C20XE or C22XE !

    Project Step 01

    * rotten trunk with several rust spots
    * Rear fender with light rust
    * "crack" to weld
    * water entering the trunk
    * small rust spots on the underside of the carpet
    * driver's door out of place
    * Bottom with dents and grated
    * Passenger Door with smashed light

    Project Step 02


    :05.18-Perturbado: i live in Brazil..... w8: Indiferença: .... $$: Confusão:

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    Re: [Brazil] Kadett SL/E C18NE

    Welcome to the site, car looks nice and tidy
    Returned GTE to default settings : On axle stands


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      Re: [Brazil] Kadett SL/E C18NE

      Can't believe this thread has gained so little attention, it missed mine too at the time, that I can't believe already!

      Such a nice Kadett, and great to see the lot of them in that last picture!

      So, as far as I know you can build your 1800 engine to 2 liter, and with XE head and motormanagement you will basically have a C20XE.


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        Re: [Brazil] Kadett SL/E C18NE

        E ai, tranquilo?
        Seu motor assim como o meu é um C18NZ, atualmente ando com o 16v do astra, então C18SEL hahaha

        Muito bonito seu Kadett, parabéns!
        Aqui no sul temos bastante 16v...


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          Greetings to my friends, after months I managed to accomplish some UPs in my car, and now I am returning to active.

          Thethat was already done:

          *Bye Bye C18NZ
          Now is : C20NE
          Piston 86mm for
          Alcohol and Flywheel relieved witch 3kgs
          *Fueltech Ft250 + 4 Injector
          *Rims 15" from astra mk4
          *Suspension KIT: Springs
          Eibach and Damper "DownWorks"

          So far this setting aims 160Hp !!

          What is still lacking:
          *Garret .70

          For now is basic, I am uploading photos and already update,, Thanks!


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            Just a point,
            Are you using the taxed piston? If so, I think you better change it before installing your turbo.

            Send some pictures!!


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              Yeah, I will use less pressure however has more power

              With 0,6bar = 215Hp of course with a good hit and intercooler