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  • Looking good Harvey,


    • On Saturday I was up bright and early as it was Blyton Park track day, hurrah. Having loaded up Friday evening I jumped in the truck and scooted the 60 miles with the wife. It was a Javelin arranged event who I find very good. The circuit is well looked after and proper tarmac not just flaky old airfield concrete. We were using the Outer Circuit.

      The motley crew of 4x shonky Vauxhall’s and a random MX5 mk3.5, someone has to be different don’t they.

      3…2…1 go go go.

      Cruising around Port Froid, seen a few spin out on this fast swooping left.

      Letting the redtops take a breather.

      These are a few of the free pro pics you get with Javelin. If you’re keen some 1357 pics from the day here.

      Testing my limits at The Wiggler, I had to deploy cadence braking to make the corner as I carried way too much speed in.

      For those wondering what is stuck on the reverse of my number plates. Everyone shout, “Go Team Shonky Vauxhall Go”. Just a random thing a mate came up with years back and has stuck.

      Awesome day, awesome mates, awesome weather, awesome wife (can’t forget her can I) and best of all no breakages for anyone. I won’t mention my plonker mate who topped up his oil and forgot to secure his oil cap, managed two laps before getting black flagged, lost 1L of oil and his pride…it was the Nova, typical Chav hooligan.

      My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


      • During my recent Blyton Park track day I heard a slight grumble from the front left wheel bearing so decided to change both. I obtained said bearings being the 72mm outer and went for the Febi 03271 which are just the bearing without circlips, massive thanks @RallyMarshal for these from the rally spares stash.

        First things first remove the funky GAZ Gold front struts as they are an all-in-one unit with the hubs, what a pain.

        Then the fun begins with a non approved improvised centre hub removal fandangle device thing using an axle stand and old rear exhaust box. A couple of swift blows with a hammer and socket had them removed in no time.

        Then I used a chisel to remove the half inner case from the centre hubs in prep for refitting.

        The bearing outer case was removed from the hub using an old outer slit with a 1mm cutting disc to allow for compression then a few taps with a small lump hammer. The bearing install kit consisted of an old outer bearing case and half inner case.

        The new bearing was pressed in using my trusty Record vice as far as I could then seated fully using the old outer case.

        The centre hub was fun as it’s got the press fitted studs and only just fitted in my vice. It was pressed in supporting the rear of the bearing with the half inner case and a socket on the hub to space it out due to the studs. All worked lovely once I’d got it setup and balance in the vice.

        Job done, bearings changed and refitting to the car.

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        My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


        • nicely done how did the vice cope ? i did it one time with the narrower small block bearings not sure i have enough clench in my buttocks for GTE versions


          • My Record 35 vice coped admirably. Initially I didn't think it would open enough to clear the hub studs but my concerns were unfounded as I still had a whopping 5mm or so clearance to play with on full chat
            My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


            • I’ve had my wheel straps for around 10 years and have always used them looped around the back of the wheel but this tends to pull the wheel at an angle at the ratchet end.

              After seeing the over wheel straps, I thought I’d have a go at converting my existing kit so bought 8x 5 ton hooks for ?11.90 as I require 2x extra hooks per wheel.

              I’m happy to report they work perfectly and no longer put side pressure on the wheels as it’s only vertical pressure so no deforming or pulling the wheels at angles.

              I was also able to reuse my sleeves that sit on the wheel face with the old strapping method, I used rags over these to stop scratches. The sleeves are now used over the top of the tyre to stop strap damage.

              Very pleased with this nice simple posh towing upgrade. Next track day booked at Snetterton on Monday 20th September, never driven it but looking forward to it.

              My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


              • I spotted SBD now list a newer style coil pack on their site here so I thought to myself “I need some of that”. No manufacture numbers were listed which is understandable as they’re a business who’s aim is to make a profit after spending their own money on R&D. Initially I couldn’t find anything about it and then earlier this week I managed to trace it to a Bosch F01R00A025 (F 01R 00A 025) which I found brand new with delivery for just under ?20, winning. So this arrived yesterday

                Size comparison with my old spare coil, “Chaz meet your younger brother, Wee Dave”

                Weights, big difference as you can see…okay it’s a few grams but the ikle one looks cute.

                You have to trim the posts with a blade so the raised part get removed so it can sit flush on the coil mount.

                They then look like this and I then drilled through with the smallest bit I could which was a 7mm and not an 8mm as detailed in the fitting instructions here.

                I then removed my old coil in readiness to install the younger/trimmer/fitter/sleeker new coil.

                All done and tested, works a treat and a nice ikle update to the crusty GTE. Simple plug ‘n’ play with no mods required on the car.

                My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


                • Chinese Bosch parts Harvey? Oh Lordy


                  • Originally posted by mick g View Post
                    Chinese Bosch parts Harvey? Oh Lordy
                    Lol, but no. Bought from a trusted seller I've used previously.
                    My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


                    • I'm running an old MBE967 engine management system which has serial port mapping. A friend bought a spare ECU which came with a funky Oddified box of tricks that plugs into the serial port used to give real time info to aid fault finding and can help unlock the ECU if it has a pin code set by the mapper by displaying the pin. More details on the Oddified website here.

                      Used on my ECU you get a 2 second screen showing s/w version and pin code.

                      Then it moves to the info screen which shows rpm, Ignition timing, Injector ms, actual map ignition timing , actual map Injector ms, coolant temp, TPS voltage, TPS site, air temp plus battery volt. This screen refreshes every 2 seconds and note my engine wasn't running when this was taken.

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                      My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


                      • Thought I’d give the track car one last outing for this year so popped over to Snetterton Circuit (300 layout) but being a 3 hour drive the wife and I decided to make it a mini holiday so dug out the camping gear and pitched at The Dower House Touring Park for a few nights. Lovely site but a horrible track off the main road into it, very very bumpy.

                        A few mates had also booked so our pit garage was full of rusty Vauxhalls 3x Novas and my Astra!

                        The day started damp and got progressively wetter into torrential down pour then dried out in the afternoon. I use RainSport 3 for my wets and they were simply amazing in the wet/very wet conditions and I was loving it but my brain just wasn’t on it in the afternoon dry so I went from a huge high to a low. All in all a fantastic circuit and an enjoyable holibobs.

                        When I got home my neighbours must have thought I was mad as I set about washing my trailer as the track to the campsite wasn’t at all nice when wet and was muddy and sandy.

                        My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.