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  • If you?re a regular reader you?ll remember I wasn?t happy with my new seat bases as I felt they didn?t support thighs and were rather flat. I received a txt to say my modified bases were ready so popped over to Cube Camper Upholstery and I wasn?t disappointed.

    Original seat base on the left with new modified on the right with extra thigh support built-up.

    I?ve had both drivers and passenger bases done as below. I did contact Cobra but they can no longer supply this version base with the crutch strap front slit and only offer the ProFit cushions which I didn?t want as I liked these earlier versions.

    The part your bum sits on is original fabric as is the underside as it used Velcro to secure it in place. The rest is completely new and a perfect match for the original fabric, even the original silver/white stitching was replicated.

    My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


    • Nice work as always. Too easy to forget that these upholsterers are out there working such magic in repairing and replacing OE stuff in ways that you can't tell from original.
      See my project car HERE.


      • I moved my top mount positions to give me more camber so this wasn?t all done via the new adjustable arms as this could put extra stress on the CVs. It?s a good starting point come the time I get the alignment done. I?m hoping to get 2 degree of camber and going by a friends setup around 4 degree of caster. The top fixing bolts are temporary until it?s fully aligned and then I?ll swap back to upward facing thread locked bolts and nuts.

        A job I?ve put off for way to long is the drivers side heater vent hosing. Since fitting the Corsa C EPAS I had to butcher the plastic air feed as it didn?t fit and I only had 100mm alloy ducting to hand at the time. This was slit down its length and botched into place. I?ve now purchased a 1m x 45mm diameter silicone air feed.

        I had to cut the old feed out as it wasn?t playing nicely.

        I used a mix of duck tape and 50mm insulation tape as well as trimming yet more from the OE plastic ends. Due to the through dash cage the vent backing on the drivers side got modified long ago and was still holding up and working percectly. As the new hose is extremely flexible I?m able to install and remove it in one piece which is handy should I even need to.

        Painted some new centre caps for the OZ wheels and I?m rather pleased with them as they came out well after 2x primer, 2x top coats and 2x lacquer all from rattle cans with no extra finishing.

        The gearbox hasn?t been overlooked as I purchased a Quaife 0.958 ratio 5th gear a few months ago that I spotted going cheap on eBay, it was a very lucky find if I?m honest as these go for over ?300 new. My existing 1.040 5th will be a bit short for Snetterton back straight as I?m hoping to do the 300 circuit later this year. If you recall a few years ago I did fit a 0.870 5th bit this was horrible for circuit use as it dropped the rpm below the power band from 4th to 5th so it got removed and sold on. I?m hoping the 0.958 5th will be a nice compromise so I?ll find out when I use the car next.

        Theoretical speed examples at 7,000rpm for the different 5th gears using a 4.2 final
        1.040 ? 108.1mph
        0.958 ? 117.4mph
        0.870 ? 129.2mph

        Box ready to have the end cover removed.

        Existing 1.040 5th prior to removal.

        5th gear removed.

        The new 0.958 5th ready for fitting. Yes the machining on the left gear is correct, no idea what it?s for but all Quaife 5th are all like that.

        Fitting is reversal to removal so I didn't bother taking anymore pictures.
        My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


        • mega update! i got all sentimental and thought about offering to buy the block back (because theres always 87.5 or 88) but have 2 engines as it is

          that weird spiral groove on the 5th, wonder if its some kind of helix oil slinger for its clutch/hub.


          • Slow and steady progress has been continuing as I collected the block after it?s re-bore and hone to 87mm a couple of weeks ago.

            I then found this on my shelf which I use on calipers, perfect.

            This was after one coat, I?ve since added a second covering and it?s looking good.

            While the block was getting done I had the crank polished and my measurements double checked by Manx Engines and it?s still within STD tolerances, so I order the bearings which arrived the other week.

            The inlet manifold was looking a little tatty in ?race red?.

            So I stripped it using a wire brush and drill attachment wire wheels.

            It then got masked off, a couple of etch primer and satin black top coats and looks loads better in ?motorsport black?.

            My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


            • Nice
              1800 GTE turbo project


              • I popped up to Noble Motorsport the other week to collect my bottom end moving parts after having them all dynamically balanced and weigh matched. It?s not something many home engine builders would bother doing but as it?s me I thought I?d do things properly.

                The block finally got bolted to my engine stand for its build to begin.

                The rods, pistons, pins, clips and new rings all get set matching during the work at Nobles so I grouped them into cylinder no.1, no.2 etc and checked the rings gaps for each and every new ring in its new bore. The top and 2x oil rings all measured 0.30mm (0.012?) with the 2nd ring measuring 0.60mm (0.024?), that?s for each new ring pack per bore so all spot on.

                My rings came with this guide to help you identify and install them correctly. For my rings the top had no markings and no inner bevel so can go either way round. The 2nd ring had markings stamped as per the picture so goes stamps facing upwards. The upper and lower oil rings go either way round as mine were the 3-piece Nifflex type.

                An important note goes to the ring gap locations when assembling and before install into the bore so I used this guide as a help. The ring gap locations are on the last page.

                It was then the exciting crank installation work with the new shells fitted and doused with engine assembly lube which is mega sticky

                Main caps installed and again lots of assembly lube.

                Oil pump and water pump next with a new front crank seal fitted.

                Then the crank bolt got torqued to its 250Nm and 45 degrees using my massive long bar!

                As I got covered in running in oil I didn?t get any pictures of the rod and piston with new rings being assembled but rest assured it got very oily and slippery. You use running in oil to lube the bores and piston rings as assembly lube can stop the rings bedding in correctly.

                I dug out a proper baffled sump I had made way back in 2013 so dry assembled the windage tray, Z20LET modified oil pickup and sump to make sure the pickup cleared the sump and the good news is all is fine down there. That?s it for now folks with more to follow soon.

                My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


                • Fantastic work Harvey, massive attention to detail..
                  A wee question if you don't mind, you mention "Running-In" Oil, how do you Run-In a Track Day Car Engine?

                  I have never been on a Track day, but it all seems to be a Balls Out thrashing on the Engine from the minute the flag goes down..

                  Good luck with the rest of the Engine Rebuild..


                  • Very good question and to answer I have a couple of options. Providing I get it built in super quick time I can get it on the road as it is road legal & has an MOT until late next month. Option two, my preferred option, is to get the bedding in done on a rolling road. We'll see what happens when it's all together & hopefully working!
                    My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


                    • Finally got my head back from CHD a couple of weeks ago so cracked on with completing the build. ARP studs and Elring head gasket going on.

                      Andy did a sterling job with the head and it was that clean I would have happily of licked it all day long but I had an engine to build and fit.

                      Exhaust ports all looked perfect as did the inlet.

                      Ultra clean prior to the cams going in.

                      To save boring you with loads of needless pics, check back in my previous posts for them, fan fair please?the engine is built, timed and ready for installation.

                      The following day I got cracking and mated the gearbox to the engine on a wheel dolly before wheeling it out of the shed and under the car. 10 minutes later all the engine mount holes lined up and bish bash bosh it was in.

                      A few hours later and it was all connected and plumbed and fired straight up after priming the oil pump to get oil pressure.

                      It ran lovely and all was going well until the following day and I noticed an oil drip which turned out to be a tiny crack at the rear of the sump just above the drain bold where the baffle was welded in.

                      I tried having this fixed in position but alas it wasn?t having any of it so last Friday it got removed and I borrowed a mates spare baffled sump so I could get the car to the wheel alignment the following day. So there I was at 21:30 finishing off fitting the replacement sump on the Friday evening.

                      My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


                      • Last Saturday I trailered the car to MG Auto Motorsport for the wheel alignment. Having the eccentric top mounts meant we could adjust the camber using these and left the front Rose Joint (RJ) set as they were. I was aiming for 2 degree camber and 4 degree caster but as the RJ for the caster on the passenger side was wound all the way in a giving exactly 5 degree we opted to move the drivers side out to match and I ended up with the figures below which I?m more than happy with.

                        I taxed the car Monday this week and popped out for my first drive with the rebuilt engine to help bed the rings. All was going well so I decided to pull over and check all was good under the hood. I then noticed a puff of smoke from the front and glanced at the oil pressure/temp and all was good. Having pulled up into a layby as planned I smelt oil and then saw this, see below. I quickly turned it off after glanced at the oil pressure/temp again which looked fine.

                        Closer inspection I noticed the Mocal oil thermostat securing nut had ground on the drive shaft now it had been moved forwards a few mm with more caster. Must have happened after I had careered around a sharp left meaning load was on the right-hand side of the car. With oil everywhere I called the wife to drag me back home on the fixed bar, she was very obliging and get a box of Maltesers for her valiant rescue effort.

                        Tuesday night I removed the Mocal sandwich plate and you can see the damage to it below. After draining all the oil I had 3.5L left in the engine so around 1L had squirted out the tiny hole and covered everything in sight helped by the spinning driveshaft. I?m very lucky I?ve not damaged the engine rebuild as 3.5L is the lower limit you can run the engine with plus the oil pressure/temp were good when I turned it off.

                        I stripped out the remaining oil cooler parts and have opted to bed the engine in without a cooler over the next week before the MOT. Not running the cooler will be perfectly safe but I have a plan to replace the Mocal sandwich plate with an OE later version which is slimmer off an Astra mk3/Cavalier/Calibra so watch this space.

                        All in all a very busy few weeks on the GTE and it?s running fine, drives nicely and I?ll soon have the few issues resolved and another track day booked, hopefully this time with less smoke.
                        Last edited by Harvey; 04-04-2019, 02:55 PM.
                        My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.