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  • How gutting. Think you've found a rare new cam and then receive it mauled by imbeciles.

    Good progress through the thread though. :-)
    See my project car HERE.


    • Painted a few items today. Painfully slow cleaning them up. But the results are good. Also painted the cam sprocket and alternator mount which I forgot to get a pic of....inlet mnifold and head next.

      I have another 20SER cam coming this week....hopefully not snapped.


      • Great progress painting the engine ancillaries, they take an absolute age to clean up.

        Bummer about the Cam.
        Looking on the bright side, maybe the Cam had a hairline crack in the casting which our friends at the couriers managed to find before you fitted it to the engine.

        Hope Cam #2 lasts a bit longer...


        • Thanks for the comments guys. Yes your right Andy it might have been a blessing in disguise regards the Cam. I have another one on route and its a genuine GM cam too.


          • Update from today....inlet manifold, fuel reg, idle valve, Fuel rail and injectors all cleaned up.

            New Jubilee clips are needed as I put it back together using originals and they are a bit rough.


            • Looking gooooooooooooood


              • Couple of hours after work tonight. G/Box and Engine mount bracket.


                • Today I removed the valves from the head. I clean it up and also removed the carbon from the valves with wire wheel on pedistal drill (was slow going).


                  • 3 Years since my last post and pretty much last time i seen my car. Due to some family issues i have not been able to progress with the car.

                    It looks like were moving home in the next couple of months and our new house has a drive.

                    My plan is to remove my GTE, all parts and tools for its current location, (as job in itself ) to our new house.

                    Current Location:

                    I can then pick up where i left off, potter on at my leisure and move a few steps closer to it being road worthy again.

                    Hope to be back with an update soon, hopefully not another 3 years wait.