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Another GTE 8V back on the road....

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  • Thanks for the comments Teri and moving to Flickr is a good move, it is much quicker than Photobucket and easier to use.

    Back to the car..
    The engine bay has been sanded and prepared for paint, and I created a "tent" around the paint area in an effort to prevent 12 months worth of dust and crap getting blown onto the paint job.

    Car ready for the Primer Coat

    And Primer coat applied

    Red Basecoat (Flame Red 79U) and Clear Coat tomorrow.
    Incidentally, the Basecoat Red I am using is solvent based rather than the modern water based stuff, the paint suppliers will only supply this for use on cars over 30 years old and this car just qualifies at 30 years and 2 months old.
    I had to take the V5 log book to the paint suppliers to prove the car was 30 years old.

    Looking forward to a shiny new engine bay tomorrow.


    • Engine Bay finish painted...

      The "tent" around the paint area worked a treat and there is hardly any specs in the final clear coat.

      Three coats of base coat red

      and three coats of 2K clear coat

      I know I have said it before, but I really feel I have turned the corner with this resto and I am looking forward to rebuilding the car.


      • Wow now that's a very pretty site, the paint looks more of a bright red and its totally transformed the engine bay looks really good mate , i bet you can't wait to get the rest of the car painted now.


        • Some really great work going on with this car. Admire your dedication and hard work well done.


          • Thanks for comments Teri / Clive.
            It's good to finally see the back of the all the Welding, but the painting is also going to take a long time.
            Everything is getting restored/painted before it goes back into the Engine Bay, but I am now in a battle against time as the weather in Scotland will make it too cold and damp for me to continue spraying in the wood garage beyond September.

            The C20XE also needs painting, so I have just ordered an Engine Stand and I intend to do a top end rebuild on it as well. The compression test gave me compressions of over 200 p.s.i and I want to know why. I suspect the Cylinder Head has been skimmed during it's previous life in a Calibra, and the only way to find out is to remove it and measure the thickness.


            • Not much progress, but Brake Servo and Steering Gear restored and refitted to the car.

              Engine is now on the Engine Stand and I am going to start stripping it down tomorrow.