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  • Some still out there

    Been looking through the list and some are still on sorn sadly, most have gone, would be good to see some back on the road though

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    I think there's still a few out there. As the values rise (if they continue to rise, I'm not sure if they will or not at the moment), more will probably come out of the woodwork in the form of "barn finds" and so on. There seem to be a lot more Mk2 Cavaliers out there, for example, than there were ten years ago say - base models, SRis and CDs - and they certainly aren't making any more of them, so they are coming from somewhere. That's not to say they won't dry up at dome point of course - try and find a Manta GTE coupe for sale these days, they're worth good money and owners seem to hang onto them and sell them within their clubs - but I don't think we're there quite yet. Around four or five years ago there was a brief flurry of early Mk2 1.8GTEs working their way through the usual places in varying states of repair, yet another few years before that they were nigh-on impossible to find.

    Don't forget as well that long-term SORN doesn't mean dead. My own GTE is alive and well but for various reasons has been mothballed in the garage since 2011. I also have a Nova Antibes which will one day see the road again, but it's been off of it since 2007. Neither does "untaxed" necessarily mean anything, for example I know of a Nova Sport, Nova SR and a brace of interesting BMWs that have been garaged since before the SORN regs came into force in 1998. They appear as untaxed and most would assume them scrapped, but they most certainly are not, and will reappear on the roads one day in the future.
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