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Beginners guide to posting pictures

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  • Beginners guide to posting pictures

    Goto above and signin for a free account.

    Once in your Photobucket to upload picture....

    1. Click "Browse" or "add more" if you need to upload more than 3 pictures. Now an Explorer window will open. Browse to your Photo, highlight the file(pic) and click open.

    2. You will now be back in photobucket, if you need to upload more than one picture click a new "Browse" button to add more.

    3. Once you have all your pictures selected you click the "Upload" button and your picture should take a minute or two to upload into Photobucket.

    4. Now if you look below your preview pic you will see the "img code". Left click the box and the code will be automatically copied.

    5. Goto to where you want your picture to appear in your post right click and paste the "Img" info and Voila your picture will appear.

    Advanced numpty technique

    Click "Mobile phone" above were you add pictures and you will see a mobile upload address which you can e-mail you photo's from your phone putting them straight into photobucket.

    Avatar Help

    Note: The maximum size of your Avatar is 120 by 80 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller).

    If your pic needs shrunk...

    Goto above and download the latest version

    Install Xnviewer start it up and browse to your pic on your pc and select it so it goes full screen.

    1. Select the image tab look down the list and click 're-size'.

    2. Set the size to 120 by 80 pixels or less.

    3. Click 'save as' and rename your pic "avatar"

    You now have your avatar, you can upload through 'Usercp' near the top of every page.

    For Numptys from a Numpty

    Edit.. Updated due to photobucket changing.
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