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VBOA national rally 2020

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  • VBOA national rally 2020

    we all kind of suspected, maybe expected, but VBOA have given official notification that the july 2020 national rally is to be "postponed" until july 2021. we can speculate that we might have a less social restrictions by July this year, but i suppose at the end of the day its still a mass social gathering and trying to distance would be impossible. anyone who has booked the hotel or camping direct with sywell, vboa say they will honour it in 2021

    i did get a notification yesterday that MSV (motorsport vision) are restarting track days from the 1st of june, and i know we (as in the mk2 club) were talking about looking for an event later in the year, so maybe we could pursue something like that as a mini gathering. will keep an eye on what javelin track days are doing (currently only postponed until end of june)

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    Thanks for the update Darren, as you say it was to be expected and I suppose its better to safe than sorry.

    As for the track days I go to brands at least once a month for a track day just can’t imagine trying to get the full face mask on with the lid, might have to use the gimp mask instead