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Replacement odometer motor

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  • Replacement odometer motor

    Hi All,

    I was just wondering if anyone has previousley been able to find a source for replacement odometer drive motor?
    Maybe someomne knows of a company out there that can refurbish / repair them?

    Any pointers would be appreciated.


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    is the motor definitely dead? they are usually pretty robust and only appear to jam because of the odometer itself being seized

    to answer the actual question ive never come across a company, its probably going to be a scavenging job (fairly easy as the odometer is separate)


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      I've stripped & cleaned a few of the LCD odometer motors including the mechanical parts. Just dive in there with WD40 & get cleaning everything. It's not as hard as you might think.
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        You can test the motor fairly easy. A few days ago, I just tested two motors successfully:

        There are three pins on the board, one has a Plus-sign. Connect this Plus-pin very carefully to your car-battery's Plus pole. Now take a second cable and connect one end to your battery's Minus pole and with the other end, rapidly touch the two other "Minus pins" of the board alternately. This will send the impulses and the motor will move the counter. Be very careful now not to touch the plus pin !

        I also believed the counter motor of my LCD display is dead but it's working well. So the real problem is either the LCD main board or the impulse generator (?) on the gear box.

        Sorry for my English, not a native speaker.