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Mk2 Astra Motorsport factory colours

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  • Mk2 Astra Motorsport factory colours

    Something I never thought of till today. When I built my Opel it was pretty obvious it was going to be the black, silver and yellow. I am about to take back a project that was a build I did many years ago with all the same development I did to my WRC replica but with my old 8v Race engine but with a F16CR with a Quaife ATB.

    The owner has made it a Vauxhall Astra GTE look alike and that made me wonder about the history/story behind the decals Opel/Vauxhall applied to the Mk2 for motorsport.

    I guess my question is there any story here?

    Why does the Opel and the Vauxhall have different colours?

    Why does the Vauxhall's seem to have more variants in the use of the colours?

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    This how it looks today... I think when I put it together it was silver. he did a nice job... I'll get some side skirts and bonnet scoops I think.
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      Looks very nice, good job