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Damaged Opel Kadett GSi 16V

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  • Damaged Opel Kadett GSi 16V


    I have had my 16V Kadett from new but had it damaged a couple of years ago. I decided to put it in the garage until I had time to repair it, but I don't seem to having that time!!

    It got damaged when an Audi driver hit the rear corner, but thankfully missed the boot and tail-light. So I am looking at replacing the rear quarter-panel, boot floor if necessary and the rear bumper.

    I'm now thinking of getting it repaired by a recommended garage or selling it. Its never been in an accident, I am the original owner and it was badged as an Opel at my request when I ordered it. I also got the analogue instrument cluster as the No Cost Option.

    As I've never been a member of any forum before, I would be grateful for some advice on recommended repair people, or the possible price I should attach to the car if I decide to sell. I'll try and attach a few pictures to see what you think.

    Thanks in advance guys (and ladies).

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    Hi there,
    Nice car and really worth getting it repaired "correctly", the kind of body parts that could be needed are few and far between these days but it depends on how badly the panels are damaged as a good body repair shop can usually recover such repairs. I can't recommend anyone myself but I'm sure some other members will have some ideas.

    It's a bit quiet here on the forum these days so you may want to bump over on the facebook page as that may wake a few members

    Though my views are a bit old fashion when it comes to the valuation some people put on classic cars I do think that cars such as yours are starting to return a premium so don't be deterred by some repair quotations. Obviously as you have had it for some years that's very unlikely

    Welcome to the forum by the way.

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      As Laurie has mentioned above that looks to be a fairly easy panel repair for a decent body shop. Where are you located in the UK and what sort of history and year is the car? Value all depends on condition really as body shop prices can soon turn a bargain into a money pit


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        Did you have any luck with a repair?


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          Any update on the repair, hope you can get it sorted?


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            looks lovely