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Throttle Position Sensor need adjustment?

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  • Throttle Position Sensor need adjustment?

    Does anyone know if the throttle position sensor on the GTE 8v needs to be calibrated? im not sure if its just a quick anti clockwise turn or if i need to use a multi meter, if so what are the parameters?

    After refitting TPS the car is surging while driving etc so im sure its due to me just bolting on.

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    if its the later motronic setup i think its the same as 20XE, i.e its just microswitches inside, 1 for closed throttle, one for wide open throttle, and by process of elimination it knows when you are inbetween.

    if yes, should hear it click just as you come off the throttle stop, and a click when it comes home to rest. that just tells you its adjusted right though, not whether its working


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      Thanks Darren, I have had a close look at it and it does not have any option for adjustment as some cars of this era do. It appears to be the fuel that?s the issue due to loss of volitility. The fuel in the tank is years old and has not had a top up for well over a year. For the moment I will drain the tank and fill with high octane as the fuel loses so much RON per week stood, this will hopefully cure the problem