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  • Desperately need some help asap

    Dear enthusiasts i need your help

    i have put a brand new Bosch ICV mk2 astra gte 16v because it was permanantely revving at 1800rpm. It is in a garage now but hes baffled to. i have a top hat on it with brand new roose pipes throughout. if i take the pipe of to the top hat from the icv and block sits nicely at 1000rpm. As soon as i.put the pipe back on it runs at 1800 rpm again. Can anyone help me please as this is now absolutely doing my nut. Its been smoke tested and theres no leaks help please arghhhhhh I also have a full K&N air filter system on there too. the only other thing i have noticed is there is 2 small brass pipes coming out of the throttle body the one on the left is blocked off but the other attached to a fuel pressure regulator is that right too ???????

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    Petrol engines are quantity governed, ie the revs and power are controlled by how much air is allowed to enter the engine, so the only way it can idle high is an air leak somewhere between the throttle plate and the cylinder head

    when you say top hat, do you mean a power cap or ecotec pipe adapter?


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      Hi Darren

      Its a power cap. The garage has smoke tested the whole engine no.leaks at all. We have turned the ICV into a closed unit by adjusting the screw and it now ticks over lovely. But its a bugger to start but once started and revved a little it runs really well. Problem now is the engine management light comes on when you turn the power via the accellerator we are really baffled Darren really baffled buddy.


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        i was gonna say, the last resort is to take the tamper proof cap off and change the set screw. this is exactly what the old group N kits used to do. the only trouble of course is now only an adjustable bleed screw. wont stop the engine stalling.

        has the throttle plate been altered, like the wedge removed from the large plate ?

        not sure what smoke tested means, but since engine running negative pressure it might not show up up with smoke.

        i'd try a third spare idle valve just as a control (got kicked in the balls a few times by ignoring new stuff, because its new)
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          Checked the servo pipe?