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    2009 - 737
    2010 - 649
    2011 - 561
    2012 - 535
    2013 - 573
    2014 - 590
    2015 - 585
    2016 - 581

    went down and then back up again. maybe there were some tucked in garages or barns that were off the road since before sorn was invented ? (1998)

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    That's more than I thought were still around. Good to see the numbers are stable now.


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      As said, at least the decline seems to have been arrested somewhat. Although I like Howmanyleft I wouldn't use it as any more than a rough guide mind. I know of maybe half a dozen cars laid up in garages since before 1998, all still in decent condition and all theoretically ready to go back on the road - one, a Sapphire Cosworth dormant since 1997, is due to do exactly that this weekend - so there will still be more to come out of the woodwork yet. The other factor is it relies on what the dealer filled out at the time of sale, eg. Nova Sports should have been recorded as a "Base", but I know of one locally bought new from west Essex and registered as an SR, and I believe a couple were even put down as 1.3 L models!

      As always, the system is only as good as the information programmed into it...
      My current fleet!
      1989 Astra GTE 16V
      1985 Astra 1600SR
      1991 Astra Mk3 1.4LSi "The Shed"
      1984 Opel Monza 3.0 GSE
      1984 Porsche 944 Lux


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        Yes when you consider those are combined SORN and licenced numbers. Taking into account the seasonal fluctuations between SORN and licenced examples has been reasonably steady the last couple of years its alarming to see only 15% - 20% on average are only ever licenced leaving the other 80% of remaining examples SORN.

        Makes actually seeing one on the road nowadays an even rarer sight. Whilst numbers are steady now they are still very much an endangered species !!


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          what i find alarming, is that they made 500 leather editions. and now thats the TOTAL of cars registered as gte 16v. mental


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            so where did all the leather go?