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  • Hi ALL ASTRA GTE /KADETT E drivers!

    Hi guys new to this forum, POSTING FROM SWITZERLAND but born in the UK

    my first car i bought was an 1989 KADETT E GSI in Black, had it for technical learning purposes and only cost me 200?... wasnt worth much more to be honest but still loved it, second car then was a working KADETT redtop GSI in grey matallic. Had it for one year but then some lady hit the back of the car in traffic and that was the end of that one...

    moved back to England in 2009 and i said to myself, i need a car... soo as i knew nothing else, with little money i found a rust free GTE redtop shell in RED and a bust up Redtop in blue with a good engine and built the two together and had allot of fun with it.

    couldnt find a job so moved back end of 2009 and since then my ASTRA GTE is sitting dry in my fathers Barn ever since... pushed it around every half year but since 4 years are the tires bust so hasnt beend moved since, shell is still in great shape, engine has 90k miles and with a few spare parts it would be such a great car again.

    I thought i would do it up but not sure if i have the time.

    Now if I wear to sell her, as it is "barnfind" how much shall i ask for it? seen since the GTE has become pretty rare!

    Would be great to hear your opinions!

    Will try to find some pics of my cars and load them up.

    Bye 4 now


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    Hi and welcome to the site Tom.. Try to get some pictures up so we can have a better idea as to its value.. Mick


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      already old pics, first one is before stored and second one is 2 years ago...since then it had a wash and put a cover of it the other (BK & GY are my first cars)


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        as a going concern restoration, assuming bodywork and chassis ok and all it needs are the rubber items replacing, brakes recommissioning then getting through an MOT, probably 2000-3000.

        rarity alone still isnt pushing the prices up, they still seem to sell based on their condition (or lack of)


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          Hi Tom welcome to astra,,,, its best you put up some upto date pictures so we can give you a better opinion, also as Darren has mentioned a list of the work that is required would be good and if you could get it through a Mot that would be even better.

          Price is based as mentioned again as above the better condition the more audience it will attract = more ????