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where are all the champions at???

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  • Originally posted by stevie212 View Post
    Unknown owner - H11 TCL
    non club - William Clarke - H644 FLA
    Man With Astra,s- H930 HTW
    Buzz - G995 UGU
    jhinchy - G27 BLT (southern Ireland)
    MPH - H443 YVJ
    Sipo - H429 FLH (destroyed 2006...)
    redtop lee - G705 VKK
    astramad / cornish - H909 XMX (scrapped 2007)
    Stuarts Champion - H165 EOY ( SORN awaiting restoration )
    Unknown Champ - H2 JRG ( Presumed off road or scrapped )
    Ronin - G890 VPE (Now in Greece)
    Man With Astra,s - H107 JVW (being restored)
    Champion - H131YGY
    Liammckin - H887 CRO (Being Restored after Cemex Broke it )
    dancedj - H780 XGX (Being Fully Restored at a secret underground bunker lol)
    H542 ELH ( Sold on eBay)
    Unknown owner Somerset - H91 FLH (scrapped)
    Mick G - H905XMX (scrapped 2010)
    Daves dad (GTE16v) H674EBH
    skinz - H377FFC
    Ian T - G932 TMY
    Agentorange - H63HGY (Cornwall)
    vxr55 - H945AMC
    non club - H421 FRD Pete Minvalla
    G.TERI.E - H475 GHJ - Restored
    Flight commander - H274 *** Sat in garage past 5yrs needs restoring
    non club - John McShane - H301 DTM (being restored)
    Clive G770 RGN - Restored
    non-club - John Murphy - H399 XGU (being restored)
    GTE CHAMPION / G600 UYR / restored /sorn / belfast ni / previous reg REZ 6258
    Man with Astra,s (FILL IN NEW ONE HERE)
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