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  • Site map 2016

    Please note our new location for this year. It's very fluent at the moment, so we will have more space than it looks..
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    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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    Cheez my tent will take up that space alone
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      To say I am unhappy about the new location is a massive understatement to say the least. We are going to get chav music all day long right in our ears. Although you could still hear it in the 'usual' spot, it was distant.

      However, I understand we have no choice as they are apparently building on our usual spot. I had enough of the place, dirty showers which either have scolding hot or freezing cold water and now this.
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        Interesting location that'll be fun least there's no duck shit


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          And we shouldn't get flooded out either
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            to be honest not to bothered were we are ,,,but close to autojumble saves the long walk with parts ,,,


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              That's what I thought Mark just make sure lose bits don't end up in the autojumble


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                pros and cons! right next to the three busiest areas of the show (arena, jumble, food stalls) = more foot fall, more interest in the club.

                agree though, might not be as nice a "camping weekend" as before, if i am reading it right VXON are in the "usual" spot


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                  There's always a bigger picture.. However, the VOC will be moved, the Catering can be brought forward and the arena can be made alot smaller to give move space.

                  Also, i don't believe Vauxhall are going this year.. so... we could take over the 'hard stand on the hill'..

                  Don't plan on the VBOA Rally at Billing next year. ..and i would imagine the auto jumble to be alot less due to the new rules of needing PI insurance.
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                  So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


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                    site owners playing hard ball its killed off allot of shows at paddock wood near me (hop farm).


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                      Its less walking for me between by camping spot with Harvey and others at the VDC and the club stand....

                      I think it will be good for the profile of the club and cars, might mean new members enjoying the cars and joining the club.

                      Just think we should make sure that the people parking on / near the club stand area are people in the club display....

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                        bbq saturday ?


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                          Yep.. not Billing without Mick cooking...
                          So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


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                            Oh the irony. I remember the first year we were due to attend and were in a similarly small area on the map, but slightly further over towards the arena if I remember correctly. By the time we arrived, it had been swapped over to Swan's field and the rest, as they say, is history.

                            Flooding was bad over that side as well, certainly no better than Swan's Field, but I believe the site has made some improvements to the water courses to prevent a recurrence. Hopefully we won't find out.

                            As regards the autojumble, I still handle the bookings for the VBOA and the keen eyed will spot that our stand spot is where last year there was a line of autojumble stands. It's a LOT smaller than last year and sadly many of the sole traders (as Steve says) were put off by the new requirement for them to buy Public Liability Insurance. As such, along with the VBOA having to sign a 20-page contract including clauses agreeing to pay fines for any litter left at the end of the show, I can't see it being held in the same location again. There are alternatives, the main differences being the lack of the on-site 'entertainment' that Billing Aquadrome has. Personally, I'd be happy with a well-organised showground without Vinny's, the leisure centre and amusements area, but lots of Billing attendees like those attractions as they make it more family friendly.

                            Thanks Steve - got my sticker and map today.

                            See you all there.
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                              I just couldn't get mine ready in time and if I did it wouldn't have been right so will definitely be on the stand next year

                              On another note hope everyone is having a good time