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VBOA national rally 2021, 2nd, 3rd, 4th july

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  • VBOA national rally 2021, 2nd, 3rd, 4th july

    Hello, this is a public service announcement on behalf of the astra-mk2 owners party bought to you by our sponsors at quest exhaust clamps and inntertec plastic injection moulding, you wont find a better nappy bucket.

    If you would like to attend one of the finest vauxhall/opel car shows known to humanity, you might also consider coming to VBOA rally 2021, 2nd to the 4th of July at Sywell Aerodrome. If that's a yes, things that you need to do (not necessarily in this order)....

    1) make sure your club membership is up to date via this here forum (join the club button at the top)

    2) buy a stand pass for 10 gbp via the web forum (stand pass and club membership are also available on one button) stand pass includes saturday night bbq (and sometimes breakfast sunday!) plus world class banter/community spirit obviously.

    3) add passengers if you are bringing some family

    4) buy an entry ticket to sywell aerodrome via the vboa website (can also pay on the gate, on the day)

    5) if you are going the full weekend festival spec, then you also need to book camping via the vboa website (camping is on the mk2 astra stand though, behind the cars) (various options on this link, including entry ticket and camping bundles)

    hope to see you there, as of right now VBOA are adamant the event is going ahead but will obviously keep everyone posted

    1. Paul - pdgibbo - paid
    2. Laney - paid
    3. clive - paid
    4. MickG - paid
    5. Paul - rallymarshall - paid
    6. pembo - paid
    7. cab man lee - paid
    8. scott - dangerous brian - paid
    9. ryan - ryeski16v - paid
    10. darrenh - me - paid
    11. mark dobson - paid
    12, ricky - 5 door sx 2.0l xe - paid
    13 luke - Lukebmk2 - paid
    14 Andy - tonka666 - paid
    15 - steve - steve84 - paid
    16 - Tahir - g.teri.e - paid
    17 - kieron - brenda - paid
    18 - colin - quicksilver - paid
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