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  • My billing pics

    Good weekend there were lots of cars built to a very high standard. Here are a few of my favorites sorry if i have repeated anything already posted

    Nice tidy cab did't meet the owner but had a good look round the car


    First time seeing silky in the flesh and it was lovely.

    Everyone was welcome even had toilets for gingers

    I am seriuously lusting after a chevanne?

    Great conversion this one had a chat with the owner running nearly 300 bhp

    do you think he uses it?

    Imagine doing 100mph in this

    Yum yum

    Colour scheme for the track car

    At the "cutting" edge of mk2 rust prevention since 1996!

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    Re: My billing pics

    you dug out some cracking motors there the old beddy telecom van was cool, and that red J reg mk2 on vauxhall green parts was astonishing (green eye monster)

    one of my faves was a well presented blue manta A on the manta stand, with (insert correct) american V8 engine, tvr style headers running forward
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