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1.6 Belmont GL 1986 'D' reg Parts needed

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  • 1.6 Belmont GL 1986 'D' reg Parts needed

    Evening all,

    Over a year and a half ago I posted that after 8 long years my Belmont was coming home. As thrilled as I was to have her home, I had a bit of bump when I finally drove her home.

    It was a struggle to keep her running the whole way home, if the revs dropped below 3000 she stalled. I had to carry out some pretty dodgy driving to get her home, but none the less, I grinned the whole way.

    When I got the chance to look around her, it came to light that she needs a hell of a lot of work to get her back to her original beauty. I was devastated. It actually makes me cry to wash her, seeing everything that needs to be done.

    So, first things first - I need help with the carburettor. All the rubber pipes connecting to the carb, and the gaskets, need to be replaced, they've perished with age and she had sat with fuel in the carb, its now cleaned out but I cant put her back together without the new parts, and I daren't carry on working on the engine until I know a bit more about her.

    As of today, my poor baby is lounging on my driveway under a spanking new cover, waiting for her lame assed owner (me) to first buy the bits she needs and then learn how to fit them, and getting the parts is where I hope you guys can help.

    Would any of you lovely lot know what I need and where I might get it please? I know I need different gauge pipes but I haven't a clue where to start. Would anyone be ale to help please?

    All the very best