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  • Vauxhall interior light


    I'm looking for a MK2 GTE interior light please?

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      These are surprisingly hard to find now. When my Monza one packed up I had real trouble finding a replacement - they used to be all over Ebay but it took me a couple of months to get one.

      If you have one but the delay has packed up it may just be a dry joint on the circuit board or contacts, if you don't have one at all then Mk2 Cav, Mk1 facelift Carlton, Mk1 facelift Senator and Monza are all the same. Later ones from Mk3 Astras and Mk3 Cav do fit but I'm not sure if they have the delay board built-in, certainly I've not seen one. Apparently Vectra, Omega and Mk4 Astra also fit but I've never looked, if it helps, but again I don't think they have the delay (it was a seperate multi-timer).


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        Hi, You know what i had one hanging up in the garage since 2003 and never thought I?d need it again so sold it on eBay last year for a fiver i think it was, and now i needed it, just typical a,
        It will be with me next so see if the delay works ok in not will try what you said
        Oh ok i know a lot of them are similar but never really checked the types, hopefully this one will work ok.